PCGMwatch: November 2004

Mental state of political correctness worse than ever!

– “Sydney Scrooge” accused of “political correctness gone mad” – her crime was to put a Christmas tree in the City Hall at Christmas. Oh no, hold on, her crime was to put only one “meagre” Christmas tree in the City Hall at Christmas. Madness indeed.

This one is fast becoming a seasonal standard as the twin nightmares of modern life – PC lunatics and the lurking pervertalist – clash at the Nativity play.

– More from Australia – suspension of schoolchild is, you guessed it…

– And back to Scotland: hard-hitting editorial or auto-written mixture of the sneery and the pious? You decide!

– Christmas really is the prime time for this stuff – more op-ed from Canada, as ever the primary question of “why are you wasting editorial space on this shit?” goes curiously unasked.

– What is it with Scotland and PCGM? Nursery rhyme study is etc etc. – I’m guessing in fact that the nursery rhyme study is an entertaining and cheap way of getting some publicity for a Children’s Hospital, but each to their own. Best headline of the month though.