READING COMIX MAKES YOU DUMM: the disproof is in the discussion surely?

this post-plus-comment at the usually-slightly-up-itself crooked timber is fascinating (abt teaching EngLit via neil gaiman; abt how modern tech-literate popculture-compexity-bombarded kids can no longer handle the merely novelistic)*: personally i think it highly likely that deep-set grasp of one aesthetic mode renders you somewhat innoculated against easy apprehension via other modes (cf ppl w.perfect pitch being unable handle microtonal composition), but the solution is to form X-Men style supergroups of pals self-mutated to address complementary systems of sensory organisation (as in you do airport architecture and i’ll do potato prints)

*(re the second one there’s a bit of the unrepentent 60s kid in me that goes “WE WON!!” at this point – the dead hand of the hegemony of OFFICIAL CULTURE has burst into dust!! except what if we won and things are worse than they were before as a consequence?)