house makeover progs seem caught between the conformist-aspirational (= how much can i calculatedly add on before selling it), and a my-dear-such-plebs fey aestheticism which is a lot past its sell-by (= when they put oscar in jug)

i haven’t been to the archigram show at the design museum yet, but sorting through at the promo jpegs at work made me think that there’s actually a lot of clever pretext use could be made of this whole sector of television*

my high-concept pitch = combines CHANGING ROOMS and ROBOT WARS, to build yr own Tracy Island out of the junk ppl leave on street corners and in skips!!

*(i’m not much of a fan of flog it! etc BUT watch any of those antiques shows for a while and you will glean intriguing cultural snippets, as experts clash w.amateur collectors…)