it’s true because it’s funny (= sad obv)

mainly i’m trying NOT to read bought-media commentary abt the east london warehouse artfire cz i. i have no doubt that abt 95% of it (pro OR con) will be more annoying and lamer even than the music reviews at amazon (even), and ii. the place i work had significant archival storage (non-YBA/non-conceptual) in the same building, which means that a woman that everyone likes – and who i pass in the corridor every other day – just saw her LIFE’s curatorial work go up in smoke

so i expect what follows has already been said plenty of times: but duchamp simply pointed out that this fire and this post and what you just said to yrself in response to this post are also all “art works”… how “good” they variously are to be explored by the conversation that follows (ie no one’s contribution, cheap OR pricey, and no one’s judgment, idiot OR EXPERT is intrinsically unworthy of notice)