Art I’ve only heard about #1: Graeme Millar ‘ Linked

Linked is sound art, of a kind. Apparently you borrow a receiver device somewhere deep in the East London ‘ Essex borders and at various points along a route the device will pick up broadcast sound. The sound is speech and music, and is broadcast on and around the route of the M11, built with much protest and pain in the 1990s.

I like this idea partly because it reminds me of the introduction to the first Dexys LP, scrolling through the radio dial and hearing snippets of all sorts. And I like the introduction to the first Dexys LP because it always reminds me of how my memories seem to work, fragmentary and intangible.

I’d like to go and listen to this piece, I wonder whether you have to do it in a car? My East London geography leaves a lot to be desired. Walking from Redbridge to Leyton seems like a task of Hercules to me.