Kathleen Kiirik Bryson’s Wilderness
Prowler Stores, Kings X, London, til 8th September
The exhibition here covers roughly a decade of one person’s need to create images. A series of mental collages, hybrid beings and iconic wicked-women, created out of what seems like a feverish need to stick things down, cut things up, and embroider with paint and white out. Here’s a gift for the Time Out headline writers: “Mixed Medea”. Do you see? It simulataneously reminded this viewer of both Swedish embroidery and an archeological exhibit of a dead society.

Bryson’s creative instinct usually classifies her, as she admits herself, as an “outsider”. I hope this is something she privately despises, as it is a redundant term in this context, and Bryson obviously has a public who need her, as the succesful opening night saw many paintings sold on the spot.

Wilderness is part of a series of Lesbian art events hosted by Prowler Stores, including readings and film screenings