I am A Boy Band-Benny Ramsay Menerofsky
Single Channel DVD

The concept here is insanely simple, a man dressed as a boy band sings a 16th century English Madigral. A love song then is a love song, the melodramtic heart break, the “i sigh, i die” lyrics, the melodic compexity, and a sense of theatrics are common to the form, and exist as much now as they did then.

He plays all four members of the band, the romantic one, the hot one, the atheltic one and the thug, the same four that you could find in the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, that came down with the latest crop, NKOTB gave birth to N Sync and Backstreet Boys, but bands often break up and there is rarely a break through artist…having one member play all four solves that problem.

As well by embodying all 4 members of boy bands he engenders sympthathies–this music is mocked by those who go to galleries as sappy, banal, boring or beneath them, in this space with this audience, using this music there may be a reconsidering.

The work is subtitled making matrons understand what little girls have always known, that having yr heart broken is so painful that only hyberbole will do.