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Working from home yesterday afternoon I happened to catch this FANTASTIC PROGRAMME on CBBC. Here is the premise: a group of bright kids, and a group of businessmen, compete on a new product design brief – in the episode I saw yesterday this was[…]

Fat Is The New Thick
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Things that struck me on reading this Observer article yesterday:

Businessman hired to be hard-nosed and callous on TV lives up to stereotype shocker! (I am not sure how good the “It’s his job to be a knob” argument actually is, bu[…]


Penthouse versus Pavement
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I really shouldn’t be telling you about this, but I was tasked at work recently with picking tracks for a ‘corporate CD’ that my company’s parent company is putting together. “Pick five tracks that represent your company[…]


Like A Mouse
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One of the heartening things about going through old posts – for the mundane purposes of code fiddling – is seeing how after only a week or so most of them have a handful of new-format hits. (more…)[…]

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In the latest issue of Marketing an analyst describes the financial services sector as “a very vanilla industry”.
By this he means that it’s an industry in which several big players can co-exist in relative peace, presumably as oppo[…]

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