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Pop World Cup 2010: Fourth Quarter Final – Cameroon 2 Spain 1
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Can it be that this is the last of our Quarter Finals? So Soon? After this, just four games left in the PWC, and one of those is the third place play-off. We are moving so quickly towards the end of this particular road, and here in the commentary bo[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Third Quarter Final – Nigeria 2 Ghana 0
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Three quarters of the way through our four Quarters. The tunes, like our managers’ heartbeats, have been largely uptempo, and no-one wants to go home at this stage, not with glory so close. This match sees two of the juggernauts of the early ro[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Second Quarter Final – Germany 4 Korea Republic 3
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Quarter Final number two, and things are rattling on apace. Battling for a coveted semi-final spot here are Chris R’s Korea Republic side who seem to have hit a convincing K-pop stride – or was it a K-pop peak? – and Germany, manage[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: First Quarter Final – Netherlands 1 Honduras 3
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If you can’t quite smell the greatest pop football prize of all yet, you can certainly hear it in the distance. For one of our managers, three more songs will take them through to the world championship.
But we are getting ahead of ourselves. W[…]

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