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Pop World Cup 2010: Group B – Greece 0 Argentina 4
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Both of these sides have a single point to show for their first two games, and both are staring an early exit from the competition square in the face. Either side could still qualify but to do so they will need a handsome victory and even then will […]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group B – Nigeria 3 Korea Republic 2
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A draw, Gary. It’s the hardest result to play for in Association Pop – who can judge how to gain somewhere between 42 and 58% of the votes in a game? No-one, that’s who. It’s a result which would probably please both managers […]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group B – Greece 1 Nigeria 2
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More action now from the group of draws, Group B. Greece ranked as outsiders ahead of the tournament, while Nigeria were hotly tipped in some quarters to go somewhere near All The Way. But the table doesn’t lie and they go into this game all sq[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group B – Argentina 0 Korea Republic 1
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The first round of games in Group B finished all square – draws all round. It’s a position to conjure with, as fancied outfits try to recover from the disappointments of points dropped, while outsiders find their confidence boosted by poi[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group B – Argentina 2 Nigeria 2
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Today’s game sees Argentina, managed by Jonathan Bogart, take on Nigeria, managed by Matt DC. Argentina crashed out of the 2006 competition in the first round, and they’ve hired a manager with an impressive knowledge of pop tactics. Niger[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group B – Greece 1 South Korea 1
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Our first Group B clash is between Greece, managed by Johan of Birdseed’s Tunedown, and South Korea, managed by Chris of Gutteral. Greece made it to the quarter-finals of Europop 2008, South Korea however couldn’t make it out of their gro[…]

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