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the 2012 london olympics opening ceremony
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question: who should create and direct it?
preamble: the chinese capitalised (er haha) on A: a known gift for fireworks, B: a known gift for people prettily running with flags, C: spectacular oriental spectacle, D: a population as numberless as the p[…]

Swimming: Analysis (incl. GRAPHS!)
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The swimming is finally finished*, Michael Phelps is reaping in lucrative sponsorship deals and everyone has started watching the athletics instead, so it must be time for some stat-cruching! (more…)[…]


Olympic Fashion Watch: ARCHERY
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Taking time out from my dedicated swimming coverage, I caught a bit of the women’s archery last night. The Koreans totally dominate this sport – possibly because the opposition take one look at them and their jaws drop to the floor:

Yun […]

Swimming: Rebecca gets gold!
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You’ve probably seen the headlines already – in the early hours of this morning Britain’s Rebecca Adlington won the 400m freestyle, making her the first women’s swimming medallist since 1984 and the first women’s gold si[…]

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