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Why Won’t You HELP!?
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Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Vol 2

Adapted from my Goodreads review. Collects X-Men 101-110 (July 1976-January 1978)

One of the weird things about the initial Claremont/Cockrum run on the X-Men comic is that the X-Men – still con[…]


Guten Tag, Herr Frosch!
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Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Vol 1

When I clicked on Giant Size X-Men 1 in Marvel Unlimited it definitely wasn’t with the intention of starting a large-scale re-read of the 70s and 80s X-Men. I had a vague urge to find out exactly how different and[…]

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  1. No offense taken! I don't have the ego to have alarms about myself. I do, still, have sufficient fondness for…

  2. Count me as one of the people oddly affected by issue 300. Although... The thing I most remember about this…