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Olympic Avoidance Log 2008: Day 8 – Of Tables
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STOP WINNING MEDALS so called Team GB (so British to invent a teamname which tries not to actually say the contentious British word). Its relatively easy to avoid the Olympics when your radar is set for the BBC with extra Clare Balding alerts. But wi[…]


“Olympic Pollution Watch” Watch
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As an avowed Olympic hater, the talk of the polluted smog over Beijing is amusing me. Not because I think pollution is in any way funny, but clearly because the sulphurous cloud strikes me as a whole new way of talking about the “Yellow Peril&#[…]

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  1. I tried reading through the Viktor Davis stuff recently, and it reminded me precisely of a self-published criticism of Black…

  2. Have you looked carefully at the URL page? F word and other derogatory remarks.