Jason Mills, Manchester

I recently purchased ye famous D100 and noticed at once (Spot Hidden 75%) that the faces we not equally spaced. To be specific, they are farthest apart nearer the ‘poles’ of the die. This did not strike me as a good way to run a randomiser.
5164 rolls later, my suspicions were confirmed. I enclose a copy of my results; mean 51.64, standard deviation 13, and you can work out further statistics for yourself.
What is immediately obvious, however, is that numbers below 8 and above 93 occur with les frequency. In terms we will all understand, this means that using a D100 one is less likely to score critical hits, fumbles, etc than with a standard 2d10. The numbers below 8 and above 93 are, incidentally, the ones located around the ‘poles’ of the die…

White Dwarf 85, January 1987