Fancyapint, the London boozers occasionally useful friend (they are often wrong about the pubs, but directions are impeccable), have a couple of new features for May. The first is a godawful pub quiz, which is completely unlike an actual pubquiz: it not taking place in a pub. Instead it seems to be fishing for your personal details for marketing. Yay! A better feature would be a list of quizzin’ pubs and some description on the types of quizzes (available elsewhere I know but on a pretty poorly designed site that I cannot find any more).

Potentially more interesting is the World Cup section: where it intends to list pubs doing special stuff for the world cup. A bit bereft at the moment, but hopefully we will be able to identify the best place in London to go and see Togo or Switzerland with a local crowd. Though it could well be a different Switzerland, as their flag on the page seems significantly different to the Anti-Red Cross they usually sport.