Since it’s petty irritation month over on Blog Seven, I’ll mention here some of the stupidities that annoy me from the wrestling commentator Jim Ross, known as JR. He is generally regarded as the best commentator (Mick Foley is very good on why in his autobio – mostly about helping sell the big moves, the twists, the blood), but anyone who does live commentary every week for many years will of course screw up on occasions.

The first pair are a case of hyperbole inflation, where you use an extreme trope, but because it has been overused, you have to try to beef it up some more, but that’s not easy, so you end up with lame reinforcement, which of course in fact undercuts it. The first is about the Undertaker:

“It’s your worst nightmare – to say the least!”

“Sean Michaels dodged a bullet there – a big bullet!”

Yes, bullets are scary and dangerous because of their size. The next is just getting your negatives wrong, but amused me. His emphasis:

“This man interrupts more special moments than anyone else. It’s a TOTAL LACK of DISRESPECT!”

But my favourite is this, largely because of his bizarre shouted emphasis, about the WWE champion, who you wouldn’t expect to be backing down easily:

“John Cena showing yet again that he isn’t intimidated by any man, woman OR CHILD on the face of the earth!”