It would appear that Lambrini Girls do not know much about sport. However they
a) like drinking
b) like men
so are more than willing to learn. As long as that learning isn’t too complicated. For example, from the Lambrini Girls Guide to Football:

The Basics

Under no circumstances try to learn the real rules! The rules of football confuse most men so it’s best to just learn a few choice tips and facts to make sure you at least sound like you know what you are talking about.

The very basics of football are just that, it’s when you start to learn more that it gets complicated. Corners are taken from the corner, throw ins are thrown in. So just stick with the easy stuff and you’ll sound like you know your stuff.

The piece soon gets on to the important stuff about pulling at football grounds. However Lambrini girls seem to be of the opinion that every ground in the UK has a capacity of well over 30,000: so I guess they won’t be on the pull at Underhill.

The Lambrini Girls Guides to Rugby and Horse Racing are also on the site along with the Lambrini Girls ultimate sportsman, who would be made up as follows:
Jonny Wilkinson – Eyes
Andre Agassi – Smile
Freddie Ljundberg – Face
Frederick Michelak – Torso
David Beckham – Hair
Thierry Henry – Legs
Lawrence Dallaglio – Hands
Andy Roddick – Arms
Ian Thorpe – Back!

This Frankenstein would look a bit weird and not at all attractive. Most notable would be the black legs – though one wonders if the ladies are thinking of including the third leg when they picked Thierry?