Pub quiz hell: what football team is nicknamed The Hatters?
In the white and black (with a bit of orange corner): Me with Luton Town.
In the blue corner: Ben with Stockport County.

And then we get to explain why we believe what we did. Which gets us down to that most visceral level of fact knowledge, I don’t know why I know Luton are the Hatters, but I do. Ben countered with a convincing story about working for the BBC in Manchester. Yet I knew I was right, so much so I would rather have the wrong answer put down so I could lord over everyone my knowledge (this is when quizzes get nasty).

Quiz lady said Luton. I was vindicated. Though as any fule no, both teams are nicknamed The Hatters. This is a rubbish pub quiz question therefore, on a par with asking what team is nicknamed The Bees.