Fantasy Football

(For the tiny handful of TMFD readers who don’t know about it…)

The Exeter City fans on TMFD have been rather quiet about it – whether through modesty or shock I’m not sure – but ECFC won their FA Cup 2nd round match on Saturday, against Doncaster Rovers. Their reward? A third round game against Manchester United, at Old Trafford. Several TMFD contributors are planning or hoping to go. Delightful though the possibility of Tim getting to yell at the arch-fannydangler is, in a wider context this tie is a fantastic result for the club, as it should pull in (according to Steve in the pub) half a million pounds, helping enormously with Exeter’s financial crisis.

The Roy of the Rovers aspect to all this is that the winning goal against Doncaster was scored by 18-year-old local lad Dean Moxey, from 45 yards out. “The shot that saved the club” quoth a merry Grecian. Books on the Freaky Trigger Sports Personality of the Year have been closed.