While proper management nerds are waiting for the knock-down drag-out battle between Championship Manager 5 and the all-new Football Manager, I have been waiting for tomorrow’s release of LMA Manager 2005, their idiot-proof console cousin. I like LMA because it is pretty, it is easier without being stupidly easy, and you can play it on the sofa. But what of the new features in the 2005 edition? Let’s see which is most attractive:

playable Portugese and Dutch leagues? Can’t see myself getting much out of these frankly.
playable English Conference? Bit more like it.
more detailed feedback on player mood? Might be handy.
better goalkeeper AI? I’ll believe it when I see it.
EyeToy capabilities? NOW WE’RE TALKING! Yes, what is mostly selling me on the need for an upgrade is the capability to take photos of my ugly mug in states of joy and anger, which will then appear on the in-game news headlines. Kevin Toms would have approved.