Etan Thomas: NBA Progressive

Check this out: a strong statement by NBA dude Etan Thomas, who is apparently a poet and anti-war activist. Thomas is a fifth-year center for the Washington Wizards, which I still think of as the Washington Bullets, which still reminds me that Sandinista! is a better album than any of you will admit, which still makes me bitter all these years later. A Syracuse graduate, Thomas had his best year last year, partially on the roster of my almost-champion fantasy NBA team. He also has some righteous dreads.

As the article states, other NBA players who have spoken out against the war in Iraq are Josh Howard and Steve Nash, as well as Dirk Nowitski, I think. Not sure why there aren’t more…oh, wait, yes I am. Remember the controversy when Rasheed Wallace pointed out some really basic and common sense stuff last year? It’s not exactly a free-speech festival out there….