Poor old Robbie Savage. Finally the “Robbie Savage Fact” as it had become known, is no longer true. Robbie, a scamp, a teaser, a mullet topped rascal of the highest sort (for which read dirty little bugger) has finally been sent off, and not only that but in an international to boot. And I will probably not be the only one who finds irony in the fact that his sending off was probably not justified. Not that a grown man crying proves this, but his infamy in pub quizes is now ended.

For anyone who sat through the England Poland game (in the bath in my case), the hints of the exciting stuff going on in the Wales / Northern Ireland game was manna from heaven. Three sendings off in the first half. Lord knows exactly what the emnity between Wales and Northern Ireland is, but I would imagine the heat will be turned up ten times this amount when they finally get to kick the teeth in of England players. And with kicked in teeth, they might actually have an excuse not to talk to the press, rather than yet more petulant sulking.