My Favourite Olympical Things (So Far)

Pete I rise to your challenge!

– Tiny weightlifters. Big weightlifters are better represented by Worlds Strongest Wo/Man but the tiny ones are ace, how can they lift so much! The Thai lady who won her category doing call-and-response stuff with her fans was the highlight. Weightlifting is the best sport to watch so far, it looks very dangerous.

– The magic ‘who’s won’ displays in the swimming pool – how does this miracle of sports science work? It looks great, much better than the actual races.

– Only Weightlifter In Britain Michaela Breeze getting shirty with crass interviewer who asked her why she had got into weightlifting. “You’re only asking me that because I’m a woman!” – bad choice of person to offend I’d guess.

– The ‘rotational technique’ of the American shotputter which led him to one superhuman throw and then falling on his arse or dropping the putt five times in a row. He looked like he was about to explode when he failed to get gold.

– Posh wrath in the three-day eventing. Says: “The rules must be applied you know”. Thinks: “I’ll scratch your eyes out, you boche hussy!”