Marvellous article from G. Strachan in the Guardian, about the dread spectre of ‘player unrest’, about which we hear a great deal these days.

Gordon, typically forthright, says it doesn’t exist, that it’s made up by malign shadowy forces with axes to grind. I think he’s probably right.

While we’re here, another bizarro tale from professional football’s less fashionable reaches. This time: York City. Bless them, fan-owned club, working hard to move on from disastrousness, a beacon of goodness in the murk. More or less. Anyway, at the end of a piece talking about the shaky position of their manager after a bad run of results, is a mention of employment law. It involves Terry Dolan, who I best recall being hated on by the disgruntled fans of Hull City, a club he expertly guided to two relegations. He was fired by York, but the article seems to suggest that he has successfully sued the club for win bonus payments relating to the period following his dismissal! After a quick search around the interweb, I couldn’t find another mention of this. Can it be true?