Talking about agents, as we were, here’s a story (at least here’s the story I can work out by reading behind the lines):

1. Newly-relegated cash-strapped club spots promising young player, playing semi-professionally in an even lower league.
2. NRCSC offer PYP chance to play football full-time
3. PYP impresses, though attracts some comment from fans that he’s erratic and sometimes looks uninterested.
4. PYP is picked for the Grenada national squad, the first time NRCSC have had a current, full international for more than forty years (Dermot Curtis I think, that’s another story).
5. PYP is offered new, two-year contract with significantly improved terms, which he rejects. Club say there is no room for negotiation. They are, after all, cash-strapped and foolish decisions on expenditure by previous owners are what strapped them for cash in the first place. There’s nowhere to go.
6. PYP spends some considerable part of the season suffering from a back injury
7. PYP’s agent is working to get PYP a place at another full-time club. Good luck to him.
8. PYP’s agent is plastered all over the back of the local newspaper saying “it’s a matter of principle, everyone gets to negotiate their wages, even if they don’t get what they want”.

Is there a baddie in this story? There do seem to be accusations flying around…

(I have to say, I do find “It’s all about the money” refreshingly honest…)