Surf entrepreneurs take note: I can’t get too worked up over a degree in surfing being available – hey, if you want one it’s your student loan repayments – but the reasons for offering one seem disingenuous. Surf graduates will help the UK “grab a slice” of the $2.6bn surfing industry, we’re told. But the UK surfing industry, such as it is, does pretty much as well as it can do, given that to the best of my knowledge you can count the surf-worthy UK beaches on one hand. At the moment, we are told, Australia, Hawaii and California make all the money out of surfers. The injustice! TMFD would humbly suggest that this is perhaps down to them having i) beaches and ii) great big waves in the iii) same place, rather than their superior education systems.

(By the way why are these degrees called “Mickey Mouse” rather than anything else?)