Oh ha ha – fashion victim alert. Problem with taking the piss out of horrible football shirts is that from a crowd perspective it is a bit of a Kylie calling a Britney a flirt. Acres of large bellies stuffed in sports wear, face painting and just bad acrylic shirts does not give one a moral highground to moan about the Norwich strip. And I think the Hull strip shown here is really rather ace.

The whole exercise comes a cropper when talking about goalkeepers anyway. The whole point of giving goalkeepers a distinctive strip is to help them out. Firstly to stop them getting battered in set pieces. But there is a much more important psychological reason. Remember at school where your footie teacher always told you to look where you were kicking the ball. And lo and behold it often went there. This is because your brain does the subtle calculations re:tragectory and power based on this sighting. This being a subconscious set of tricks, it is difficult to unlearn. Hence if you are taking a potshot agains the keeper, if you look at him, you are more likely to strike the ball at him.

And if you are wearing what Campos is wearing, your efficiency should improve by 100%.