06/07 Everest 2004: Mallory and Irvine The Final Chapter: Be careful what you ask for… coming on Tuesday (ie tomorrow)

this climbing team, posting anonymously and melodramatically from everest over the last month, claimed b4 they started that they knew where irvine’s body lay and promise some great denouement now that they’re down and safe (if they are) (click back through the dispatches)

[my father’s mother’s brother j4ck l0ngl4nd was on the everest team which found irvine’s abandoned ice-axe in the 30s: “man wz meant to walk the ground, so STAY THERE – do not dick around” = motto of my side of the family however] [it occurs to me that it is quite easy to POST that you are high on a mountain as big as everest w/o *actually* being on it of course]