Scrabble Tournament: The Head of Steam, London, 9 May

Hello you! The T.M.F.D current Scrabble Champion here, reporting back. Yes, I won the tournament, but I’m not boasting, am I? Me? As if! Either way, I drew three games, each against some very strong opponents, and finally clinched the last game by a few points. I should have won by more, but played a STINKER of a phony without thinking it through. I played BOOTINGS through an existing O – it quite RIGHTLY got challenged off, and two seconds later I spotted the obvious all-out play of BOOSTING. Argh! The spot to play BOOSTING was promptly blocked off by Donkey, and the board became as closed as the wardrobe to Narnia.

For your information, dear reader(s), here is a snapshot of the the finals board. I’m particularly proud of DRAGOON, my opening move. My only other all out play was ETESIAn, down at the bottom. On saying that, I think Donkey’s hard to spot move of CRIMINAL deserves a lot of applause, I very much doubt I would have seen that.


Marvellous! But is it as marvellous as the time I played GOTHS down triple number one, and then managed to form VISIGOTHS a few goes later on the other triple??

Triple Triple!

Exxxxcellent. Seasoned Scrabblers will note that I’m deliberately trying to avoid using the American term of “bingo” to refer to an occasion where one plays out all seven tiles. Aren’t I doing well? Well, not really, as last night I played HOSTER (with an I on my rack, too insane to spot HOISTER), but at least then I managed another one, which I have conveniently forgotten. I blame the new Cappuccino Kit Kat Kubes (review coming soon to Publog!) that we were scoffing during aforesaid game. Ooh aye.