Is this football’s worst nightmare. Possibly British footballs worst nightmare. Two football hooliganism films coming out before Euro 2004. Of course all involved will stress that the films do not glamourise hooliganism and the timing is a coincidence. Certainly the Football Factory’s release date of a week before Millwall star in an unlikely FA Cup final is publicity it could not have dreamt of. But looking at a previous hooliganism film I.D. the idea of it as a call to arms seems unlikely.

Instead let us look at the films a little bit closer. The Yank is the easiest one to discard. The idea of a disillusioned US college student getting embroiled with a West Ham mob already stinks of cliche. Put Elijah Wood in it and you have some strange sort of hybrid movie, The Littlest Thuggo or something. And luckily looking down the cast list we have further guarantee of rubbishness – Claire Forlani.

The Football Factory seems an altogether more credible affair, music by The Streets, based on a best-selling book, good looking young cast (no Sean Pertwee in sight). Aiming for credibility is a good thing for a lack of success however. It may end up too violent, too bone crunching and the leads become fantastically unattractive. Which is a recipe for a potentially good film, but a box office flop. But really, releasing it a week before that FA Cup is a bit unkind to Millwall.