Is greyhound racing a sport? Well it is a battle to determine physical perfection, which might be one of the definitions. However do the dogs really know that they ae racing, do they know that their job is to beat the other dogs, and more importantly do they enjoy it. It is a trained response of course, and the dogs probably enjoy it as much as they would enjoy doing anything that garners them praise in the long run (must be difficult to know how to chastize a loser, without unPavlovianing his reaction to the race).

The real reason greyhound racing is a sport is because you can bet on it. Perhaps even more than horse racing, the number of random factors which stack up against the following of the form allows one to feel you can master a system, without it being a foregone conclusion. So its a sport, but you won’t see it in the Olympics. Which is a pity, because along with the meta-olympics and the supalympics, the animapymics is exactly what Sky Sports has been waiting for.