To follow up Mark’s post below, there are some special editions of boardgames which seem incomprehensible to me. Having viewed the Betty Boop Monopoly set some weeks before Christmas I am still no closer as to how the standard board has been altered to fit the somewhat obscure world of the watermelon headed sexpot. You win a beauty contest might work but getting sent to jail. Bad Girls Betty anyone. Maybe other Out Of The Inkwell characters get a look in too.

The big problem I always had with Cluedo was that it was a game that was bundled up by Waddington’s as a game all households must have. In comparison to the other rmust haves Monopoly (and perhaps Risk) Cluedo is ridiculously short. A game is over in twenty minutes. This always struck me as odd, though now as an uncle I see some good points in not spending three hours playing only to lose. Also Cluedo, along with Mastermind (world dictator with sylph-like associate version), is a great game to play without any board at all to pass a boring train ride, though it does require a degree of trust. Trust which i am not sure I would have if I was playing with Sistrah Becky: Uri Gellar is a cheater and a fraud after all.