Everyone will hate us like they hate the Sun? Why is that? Well that is what will happen if I make a joke about Frank Bruno going mad. The man was sectioned last night and had been reportedly suffering from depression. And when you think about it if you are a very grown man, with fists like brieze-blocks whose only regular employment is dressing up as a woman at Christmas you might be depressed too. Especially if as part of your job you regularily got brain damamging punches to the temple. And you used to be a boxer.

The most interesting part of the headlines is the euphemism Sad for depressed. The sun sez “So Sad” on its cover, knowing very well that
a) It is quite sad that Frank Bruno, a beloved if wife beaterly personality is off his rocker
b) Being sad is a bit like being depressed. To the layman. Who knows nothing abotu psychology and does not want to know anything THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Hopefully he will be out again soon, in a better state of mind. As he says , he’s no loony like Mike Tyson. But let’s lay off the Widow Twanky for a year.