being an mang, and also being the opposite end of the spectrum from “fashionable” i am unsure as to the correct terminology for this au courant item of legcovering, but i know one thing:


i have only seen one (1) person get away with this shorts/long boot combo and that was, i think, due to the fact that she gets away with wearing almost everything/anything (hey suzy :)) but everyone else JUST LOOKS SILLY, like their trousers have shrunk or something. i think it’s the “formalness” of the short being like proper trousers, yet haha! they only go to (about) the knee, aren’t i bleeding edge??!! no, you look like yr mum has thought “ooh it’s a shame to throw them good trousers away just because they’ve got a hole in the knee, i know what i can do with them…”