i. ok yes i too hate angus deayton so don’t start
ii. and yes i admit i sicked this on myself by flippin over to FIVE during a late-doors attack of the clones ad-break, when i already knew they were running a “50 most embarrassing TV moments evah” type clips-compendium stroke tenth-rate stand-up audition gig
iii. but WHAT IS IT WITH tenth-rate stand-ups piling on a million years after the fact?*

*(viz the moment at issue = deayton’s by-now endlessly rerun public humiliation and betrayal by his former workmates on HIGNFY) yes yes i know he isn’t exactly the fatty arbuckle here, falsely accused and hounded into eternal media unpersondom, but rather a FIGURE OF RUE IT’S SAFE TO COLLECTIVELY BULLY

A. you describe the “joke” you just watched yrself on playback, that we just about to see (ok so far, so hohum, clips-Best-Of-wise (the commentators we remember will be the ones who tell us something we HAVEN’T ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF, possibly) — (clips shows are a bodged first stab at TV’s hegelian critical readdress of the history of its own history after all) (but in a GOOD WAY)
B. copping attitude at deayton’s downfall confuses you w.the LENNY BRUCE de nos JOURS in which way now? you are a MINOR LIGHT ENTERTAINER on the “way up”, makin a small down payment on yr safe entry into the POMO TARBYZONE (where the LOATHSOME PRAWN HISLOP foever squats a-polishin the turd of his “daring moral attack on sacred cows”)
C. Stand-up is the new rock’n’roll TRENDY TEACHER who’s DOWN WITH THE KIDS
D. I blame Bill Hicks