Yes yes I know commuting is irritating by definition pretty much, although Mr Popkins might like to post his bus-ride reading idylls by way of balance. But since the end of my commuting is in sight I can confess how horrific the thought of any more time spent on Scotrail listening to their weak-as-weak-piss excuses is. Today’s irritation = not so much the delay as EVERYONE ELSE on the train, on their mobiles as if a fifteen minute delay (on a fifty minute journey) was the end of the world, flapping as to ‘no idea why, we’re just stuck out here not moving’ when the guard had announced the reason quite loudly (well over the tannoy) only a few minutes before!!! Actually the thing that irritates me most about commuting is other commuters, but this is because commuting is habit-forming, and their irritating habits (sucking down their coffee as if they were some sort of sophisticated Europeans — sorry, espresso followed by a shot of grappa is cool, hot milk with coffee extract is not; worst of all reading the sodding Metro (I ranted about this in a lecture once so fed up was I, which is definitely far sadder) well, irritate me. Of course my commuting habit is being irritated, so it’s definitely all to the good if I can quit both asap!