i. mystery no.1 where did its denizens heard about EASTER eh?

ii. mystery no.2 why does nobody ever discuss HALLOWEEN ISLAND eh? EH??

iii. how suspicious is it that ONE SINGLE ISLAND has become the default object-of-projection for all knock-the-cheezboard-over archeology evah viz
a. everything anywhere designed and built by ALIENS arriving in the SPACESHIPS OF THE GODS

b. everything anywhere designed and built by EGYPTIANS arriving in the BALSA WOOD SHIPS OF THE er EGYPTIANS (kon tiki? CON tiki more like)

c. easter islanders invented the self-generated human apocalypse (they CHOPPED DOWN ALL THE TREES to built PILES OF LOGS to help erect WAY COOL SCARY STATUES so as to PROPITIATE THE GODS who were PUNISHING THEM for the VANISHMENT OF ALL THE TREES) (over-busy fossil-fuels metaphor alert: oil = TREES, statues = IPODS, easter island = THIS ISLAND EARTH, aliens = egyptians = ALIENS — DO YOU SEE!!?)