The Fairie Festival at Spoutswood Farm in Pennsylvania, May 2006

What is it? Not just for kids! Ten thousand people gather to celebrate the coming of the nature spirits, including a host of activities such as gnome and elf tours. Plenty of Irish music on offer (“the fairies’ favourite” we are told) and performers including Rick Mikula “the Butterfly Man”, Scottish Irish step dancers, and one somewhat lonely sounding funk rock band. Also ‘Magic Bob’.

Am I sold? Not especially. From the looks of the Gallery this is a grand day out for kids who like to dress up as fairies, i.e. 80% of six-year-old girls. There seemed to be a minimum of adults mooching around in jeans sneaking a crafty cig or two while the little ones enjoy Magic Bob, so I suspect participation is expected. Which reminds me uncomfortably of the Medieval Banquet I went to with work at Christmas, at which I had to wear a pinafore. Not something anyone needs to see again.

Festival Rating: ***