May 05

worst result ever (solo division)

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this was mentioned in passing by pundits last night*: someone in a Welsh constituency polled just a single vote – apparently the lowest prior to this being a surprisingly roomy 13

(ie this hopeful not only persuaded no one on policy, but their family hate em and they have no friends!)

*(disclaimer: it wz at abt 4:30 so i may not be remembering the details accurately)

here she is: CARDIFF NORTH Catherine Taylor-Dawson Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket 1 vote!!

however someone of the same name also stood in several other cardiff constituencies (i didn’t know you were even allowed to do this) and polled several hundred votes in toto :(

here is where you realise that dystopian sci-fi visions of the electronic future of politics (and the hypersexualised environment generally) are laughably off the money

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