So actually something which might mean something (floating voter = disillusioned voter after all). Glutter is a blog run by a friend* in Hong Kong which probably started, like many a blog as a way of talking about the minutiae of Yan’s day-to-day life. While you can never shake that bit off of a blog, the increasing focus on the current political situation in Hong Kong, and the gradual erosion of civil liberties and free press has become much more of a focus. She recently was nominated for a Freedom Blog Award, and she did an interview with a Hong Kong TV channel about her blog. As usual in these situations, any attempt at getting her serious point about freedom of the press was sidetracked by the usual trivialisation of “what is this blog thing”. But rather than the usual annoyance you might get in the UK about this, Yan is probably right to see this as another extension of the slow curb of freedom of speech, and the complicity of news media in doing this.

*Okay, I haven’t seen her in almost five years, and last time we met we argued incessantly, mainly because I did that annoying thing I often do which is feign a strong opinion on something I know nothing about. I hope to see her in a couple of weeks where I won’t do this.