There are still political posters, all over town. I’ve not seen any in windows – but then I didn’t before the election. But on poster sites, yes. Labour’s “if you vote for it, value it” near Tooting station, a stern reminder. The Tories’ “This is your last chance to tell him what you think”, next to it, an impotent yelp. The Lib Dems, “We Oppose – We Propose”, on the way to Colliers Wood tube, more of a blog post than ever.

How long will they last? The most likely survivors are Unison’s “How can ’35 million cuts IMPROVE public services?”, because they’re all over the Unison building and so nobody can buy the space. The others? Not long now. At first I thought, oh, why don’t they take them down, naively imagining you could un-utter these statements as easily as they were made.