After the shocking revelation below that the Who Should I Vote For website is mere Lib Dem propaganda (despite claims otherwise here). It struck me that we could do a similar kind of questionaire and be much more impartial. So here is the Freaky Trigger Blog 7 Who Should I Vote For


Are you
a) Under 18
b) Over 18

DO you think there should be an imediate halt of all asylum and immigration in the UK?
a) Yes
b) No

If you answered a) to any question you unfortunately are not allowed to vote. If you got two b)’s you should avoid any party with the name of a country in its title or has the involvement of Robert Kilroy-Silk in it.

By the way, what with Kilroy and George Galloway almost certainly going the way of the ballot-box dinosaur* at this election, would it not be great if they presented a mid-morning rant-a-long a studio discussion show. It would be the ugly, unpleasant version of Morgan & Platell. IMAGINE!!!

*ie Being unelectable, rather than physically extinct