Walking With Myths has been my #1 why-isn’t-this-on-TV idea for years now: using spiffy CGI beast-animation technology to bring to life loads of fake animals* with a narration that asks if and why people believed in them in the first place. Now it – or a close approximation – has actually been made, and I missed it! Bah! The pretend-they’re-real approach is not precisely the one I might have taken, though, as certainly in the case of dragons I’m much more interested in the cultural anthropology of dragon-legends and dragon-belief. Did anyone see a ‘dragon’; if so what did they actually see; if not how did the myth spread?

*every time WMM is mentioned in the pub it is rightly stated that all the creatures in Walking With Dinosaurs and Walking With Beasts were made up anyway. But you know what I mean.