stick with the beasts we got plz #3: the ANT LION

so this lion and this ant got it on and hey presto! The cub-larva has big cat’s face, insect’s thorax, eats only that which is both meat and grain, hence ie starves STRAIGHT AWAY!!

i. i assume started as a half-man half-biscuit style “bit of fun” at the expense of the guy who made up centaurs
ii. …but features importantly in FINN FAMILY MOOMINTROLL, where it is classed as (along with moominvalley’s GIANT RAT OF SUMATRA the legendary “pig-swine”!!) an “ENEMY”, and (unlike the pig-swine) inveigled into the hogboblin’s hat hurrah!!

conclusion: the “pig-swine” is shunned by m-valleypeople bcz a. it is said to be too large, b. it is presumably self-compatible diet-wise