or When o When Will Attenborough Topl’d from his Siege Satanic Be?

you watch a DA nature prog and it’s beautifully and daringly filmed of course, and here’s the hypnotic whisperer tellin us that THESE FISH rise to the SEA’S SURFACE just once a year, to coincide w.the SPRING FULL MOON, bcz of “spawning instinct”

bcz obviously ALL ANIMALS ARE PRE-PROGRAMMED ROBOTS ONLY w/o likes and dislikes and feewlings!!

i never liked this evasion but dr vick – with her PhD in the REGIONAL ACCENTS of ducks – has taught me to detest it. Bcz (like “influence”) it sounds like it means something, only it doesn’t: “Logical ppl are logical bcz they have an instinctual preference for logic” etc. Maybe the FISH LIKE THE WAY THE MOON LOOKS!!? And the endless experience* of the past has taught them that this is the best day to look at it! And it makes them happy and frisky and so they all have sex??

animals have cultures too, but this is apparently a scary and “unscientific” idea, and we are forbidden to ANTHROPOMORPHISE!! (but bee culture is of course that which makes bees NOT like ppl)

*so how wd eg fishes – as animals w/o “language” – pass on the “endless experience of the past”? well assuming (big assumption) that they can’t communicate by eg scent release or ritual dance movement or whatever, just by having EXCELLENT BODY CLOCKS and EXCITEDLY RUSHING UP to the surface on the given day. And the newbies all follow the oldsters, TO SEE WHAT THE FUN IS!! And the fun is the lovely moon. (It doesn’t have to be the MOON ITSELF, which fish maybe can’t see the way we do: just the niceness of how the upper sea looks and feels lit by full moonlight…)

“They do it bcz they instinctually do things they like doing” = “They do it bcz they like it” Just bcz animals can’t read and write doesn’t mean they can’t pass nice NEW habits and whatever down to their kids and cubs and tadpoles and larvae: this isn’t lamarckianism cz it ISN’T ENCODED INTO THEIR DNA (which wd take ages). And if the habits don’t work out down the years, then they will die out.

Anyway we shd be allowed to say that even very extremely unmammalian animals like [xx] bcz it is FUN!! Science will survive: pompous-ass pseudo-knowledge will take one in the eye.