…but not these animals. They are the ones who FAILED to get voted on to the Top 25 list.

Okapi (late doors admission to mammal kingdom)
Bat (“sonar”? The rest of us call it HEARING THINGS.)
Willy out of Free Willy (A robot.)
Coelocanth (worst resurrection ever)
Werewolf (not a real etc.)
Chameleon (blame D.Bowie for this one)
Dogs in clothes (a pitiful sight)
K-9 (Even a sponge has more life than he.)
Gila Monster (medium size lizard, in no sense deserves name ‘monster’)
Dogs (just closing the loophole there)
Schnappi (was robbed)
Manticore (see Werewolf)
Unicorn (see Manticore)
Hydra (see Unicorn, NB there are animals called Hydras aren’t there? Or are they secretly plants?)
Tarkus (shows what I know)
Baboon (look! his arse is purple! hilarious!)
Newt (sorry Ken)
Lemming (hardly)