In February Blog Seven is a Blog about love. Yeuch! What sappy nonsense I hear all the fourteen year old regulars round here go. But truth be told an obscene number of regular contributors are loved-up and go home to their sig others, wives and concubines at night and practice the lovey-dovedness that love gives them.

Not me.

Not in a rebellion way you understand, it just has not happened. And I am not some kind of emotional cripple (if I was though could I park in disabled spaces?) I have just dodged that bullet so far. So what should I write about in this month of love? The word love after all is co-opted in so many different ways that the romantic love that Valentine’s Day summons up (and let us not be coy, that’s the February link) is only one of them. So rather than sit out an opportunity to be bitter and twisted, and to save you from the ramblings of a (put-on) depressive, this suggests a project. Why not take a tour around some of the other types of love, to see what is being referred to. The gooey, icky waves of sentiment which Hallmark suggest underpin romantic love, does that turn up anywhere else. So let me be in your intrepid guide as I go Looking For Love (just not that kind – though if that kind comes along, who am I to turn it down).

1: Self-Love

Actually, probably should not write too much about this in detail. Just to say that I sleep with myself every night and I tend not to wake up and look at me in the mirror with a sense of loathing. Which is almost certainly a good thing. And in the gooey, icky stakes it has a couple of claims.