The Biggest Enemy To Resolutions

Okay, I said I was anti New Years resolutions the other day. I did not really mean it. I suppose I am anti-breaking them (which unfortunately I have done with the break wind one). I guess my position can be modified to say that I think public New Years Resolutions are generally a bad thing.

Why are were making the resolution. Generally for ourselves, to improve aspects of our lives we are unhappy with. So why do we need to publicise this? Clearly to explain exactly why we are not smoking, drinking etc. There was absolutely no need for me to publicise my scatalogical resolution, as I hope (heaven forefend) that I’m not known as Petey Fart-Pants.*

Publicising your resolutions put more pressure on you. Particularly if you have friends like me. After all, I have just broken a resolution, the last thing I want to do is surround myself with successful, be-will-powered friends who can do anything they set their minds to. So maybe buy the non-drinker a pint before they turn up, offer them a cigarette, feed them beans.

So I have actually made some other resolutions, which I am not going to tell you. They are all rather benign, mostly personal, and ones which I intend to keep. And I don’t need the extra pressure.

*I have always assumed that the nickname Stinky Pete is merely taken from the character in Toy Story 2.