There was much controversy about allowing TV specials into this list. I allowed them via the justification that most of these films were seen on the TV in the first place. I just did not want to seperate that viewing experience. And whilst The Snowman is a bit short for a feature (at 50 minutes) it does everything else magnificently.

Raymond Briggs’ original is a wonderful wordless comic. To bring that to life we have what is fundamentally a silent animated movie – and the silence of the characters is countermanded by the remarkably expressive animation. It is not actually silent, and much of peoples memories of the film will be tied up with Walking In The Air. Okay, its got Classic FM written all over it but it is a magical Christmas moment when Briggs artwork meshes perfectly with that Aled Jones voice. A film which calls out for Ginger Wine.

Though “I’m Singing Very High” was a better song.