A close friend of mine works for a financial publishing company which employs around 100 other people, all of whom are annually involved in their Office Secret Santa. As many of the employees work in separate offices, some of them have never met, jokey presents and “gentle teasing” are encouraged as a way of circumnavigating the problem of having to buy a thoughtful gift for someone you don’t know from Adam.

One particular staff member did a little digging around the intended recipient of his present, and discovered her to be an animal-loving vegetarian whose pet rabbit had just died. He then went straight to the butchers, where he bought two dead, skinned rabbits and some bunny-flavoured jerky, put them in a box, wrapped it and gave it to her.

The lady in question was so touched by the gesture that she burst into tears in the middle of the office Christmas party. History has not recorded the fate of these two employees twelve months on, but still, what a lovely fellow.